Scott Casson
Scott Casson is a 30-year veteran of the Contact Center/Customer Service industry and has held every possible position within the contact center from starting on the phone as an agent up to and including Senior Vice President. Throughout the past 20-years he has focused all his efforts on helping corporations, both large and small, on-shore and off-shore, improve their contact centers by delivering engagements that significantly enhanced productivity and reduced expenses.

Scott has worked extensively with clients on all People, Process, and Technology aspects of improving their Customer Experience (“CX”). He’s developed detailed strategies, deployed essential enabling tools such as CCaaS and CRM applications, interaction surveys and analytics capabilities. He’s adept at quickly analyzing a client’s CX needs and developing actionable strategies to enable best-in-class interactions.

Scott currently holds the position of Senior Vice President of Delivery for PPT Solutions, which is a key strategic implementation partner for Talkdesk. He resides in Honolulu, Hawaii.