Introducing the Talkdesk Community.

Talkdesk is thrilled to share the Talkdesk Community with our customers. The community aspires to bring customers together to connect, collaborate, and celebrate CX innovation and best practices. Community members will gain additional value from their Talkdesk investment by engaging with their peers and the broader Talkdesk team about the product and CX use cases and strategies. In addition, customers can learn more about the Talkdesk product roadmap and help drive it forward by voting for submitted product ideas. And community members can develop and establish themselves as CX leaders by growing their network and sharing their ideas and experiences. Creating exceptional CX is hard, with the community, Talkdesk customers no longer have to go at it alone. 

Talkdesk customers: check your email for your community login credentials!

Don't see the welcome note? Ask your CSM or the community admins to give you access.