How ‘human-in-the-loop’ technology democratizes AI model training

Technology is available today to automate 80% of contact center interactions. But to achieve this, it’s imperative to lower the barrier to AI adoption in contact centers. More specifically, updating and maintaining AI models that drive accurate automation will need more accessible technology for contact centers to achieve scalable automation. In this session, Ben Rigby and Sheila McGee Smith discuss how ‘Human-in-the-loop’ technology democratizes AI model training.

Ben and Sheila will discuss:

- How contact centers can successfully resolve more cases through automation, which, in turn, improves accuracy, decreases the cost per case and increases customer satisfaction.

- Re-skilling agents to become AI expert trainers, leveraging their product and customer knowledge – so that agents are empowered to join the era of AI

Ben Rigby - SVP, Product & Engineering, AI, Automation, and Workforce - Talkdesk
Shelia McGee Smith - President & Principal Analyst - McGee-Smith Analytics