Build your best team while being cost efficient

Customer support teams are handling an increasing number of contacts while being asked to work remote and manage multiple channels. They are reaching their limit and it has never been more crucial for support team leaders to maximize staffing strategy. As customer demand continues to increase, service leaders need to have clear insight and planning capabilities for their team’s schedule as well as the resources available to add additional staff when needed. In order to optimize your support team’s performance, deploying cutting edge workforce management capabilities, paired with a network of available staffing resources, can alleviate the burden of planning for the influx of customer contacts.

Join us to learn how your contact center can become more efficient by getting the most out of your staff’s schedule and how to utilize a global talent pool to ensure complete coverage in order to provide a great customer experience.

Richard Lawrence - VP of Product Management - Talkdesk
Daniel Matos - Director of Product Management - Talkdesk